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In 2010, Education Northwest was awarded a $2.8 million dollar grant from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) for a four-year experimental study of Project GLAD® (Guided Language Acquisition Design).  ALLI associate Jody Bader is the lead trainer for the study, and ALLI President Erick Herrmann is one of four training team members.  Read more about the Project GLAD study at the Education Northwest website.
GLAD and SIOP are two models for effectively teaching English Learners (EL).  The models differ in significant ways, yet both are effective in helping EL achieve and gain academic language proficiency.

The GLAD SIOP Comparison Document shows connections between these two models.

GLAD Unit Creation – Levels of Preparation and Planning
Creating a GLAD unit is an investment of time and resources to help students achieve and keep them highly engaged in the learning process.  This document outlines approximate levels of planning and preparation times for various GLAD Strategies.  ALLI associates are available to help plan and prepare GLAD units!  Contact us for more details.
GLAD Strategy Implementation time
The implementation time of GLAD strategies varies from strategy to strategy.  Use this document to plan out the implementation of Project GLAD strategies in your classroom.
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