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The Academic Language Learning Institute (ALLI) believes that each and every child can achieve excellence!  Children from all backgrounds: culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse students, students with special needs, talented and gifted students, and all students in between can and will excel when instruction and systems in schools are designed to meet the needs of each student.  

What we do!

ALLI provides
  • research based, proven effective teaching strategies
  • Specially designed and custom workshops, (professional development for teachers and administrators),
  • Instructional coaching sessions (Classroom demonstrations, co-teaching and observation),
  • Technical assistance to districts, schools, and administrators that includes planning and leadership development.

Excellence in teaching!


You're in good company...

“Very valuable information! These are strategies I wish I had known about my 1st year of teaching.”


“You all were awesome! I was engaged, I learned so much, I enjoyed your humor when presenting strategies. Overall, I had a very positive experience. Thank you!”

“You all were awesome! I was engaged, I learned so much, I enjoyed your humor when presenting strategies. Overall, I had a very positive experience. Thank you!”
-Third Grade Teacher, Milwaukie, Oregon


“I loved how you two went back and forth in your teaching. You are great models for good teaching! Thank you so much!”
-Third Grade Teacher, Happy Valley, Oregon


I valued, “all that I learned, best conference ever! I’ve taught for so many years, but this is by far the best conference!”
-Fifth Grade Teacher, Idaho Falls, Idaho


“I learned many strategies for language acquisition. There was a lot that I have had experience with before, and this taught me ways to improve how I used the strategies or validated my use of them.”
-Kindergarten Teacher, Tillamook, Oregon


“This training was great! I learned about a ton of new strategies.”
-First Grade Teacher, Tillamook, Oregon


“The training was absolutely the best I’ve ever had! It is usable, relevant to every subject. I appreciate that there is support and refreshers available so that its not a seminar gone to and forgotten. Erick did an amazing job with those kindergartners-they came a long way in a short time!”
-Kindergarten Teacher, Tillamook, Oregon

Hi Erick-

I just want to let you know how amazing my year has started! So far, (I know it’s been only two days) the groups are working better than I ever could imagine! I have been using the G.L.A.D. strategies along with the strategies that I have used in previous years.

The summer training is exactly what I needed at this juncture of my teaching career! I was blaming the students for their misbehavior and little did I know that the strategies would work like a charm! It was me and not them! They have responded in a way that I have always dreamed of when working with students who face extreme challenges that I cannot solve in the classroom. The differentiation is working as well. I see the constructivism when the students are working either in partners or groups at all levels! It is amazing! My worries about adjusting the strategies to middle schools student have been eradicated!

I feel horrible that I got to the point where I felt like I needed to start looking for a different profession but now I got my passion back and it is the best feeling to witness the students respond in the best way developmentally. ​I also feel horrible about all of my years of teaching, I could have used these strategies and lessened my worry and pain that I felt by wondering what I can do to become a better teacher.

I can see how the G.L.A.D. will make me a better teacher because it has started through implementation. I am really happy and look forward to see how great this year will unfold! I know things won’t be perfect but it is a much better place than where I was at before the training.

Thank you so much for your advice, expertise, and support! I am now rejuvenated and becoming the teacher that I have always wanted to be!


Helen Radow

Scott School

P.S. I’m am still envious of you because you started your career teaching using G.L.A.D. strategies to HS students. 😉

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Meet the team

Erick Herrmann

Erick Herrmann is an Educational Consultant.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with Minors in Linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Lewis and Clark College.  Mr. Herrmann has taught Spanish at the high school level; Spanish literacy and English as a Second Language at the elementary level; and served as a Title VII grant coordinator and Teacher on Special Assignment.  Mr. Herrmann has trained thousands of teachers across the United States, and has worked in Turnaround and Transformation schools in Colorado, Bureau of Indian Education schools in North Dakota and Montana.  Mr. Herrmann has a high degree of expertise in sheltered instruction and meeting the educational needs of English Language Learners, as well as integrating academic language and literacy instruction into the content areas at all grade levels.

Mr. Herrmann is deeply committed to high quality instruction for all students, and models effective, engaging instructional strategies in his presentations that teachers can immediately use in their classrooms.

Mr. Herrmann has worked with educators in:

California – Oregon – Arizona – Texas – Washington – Iowa – Idaho - North Dakota – Colorado – Utah – Illinois – Michigan - Ohio - Georgia - New York - Hawaii - Puerto Rico - Alaska

    Natalie Hanneman

    Natalie Hanneman is a school counselor, licensed in both Oregon and California.  She has eight years counseling experience in schools, at the elementary and middle school levels.  She enjoys working with people of all ages and backgrounds, easily connecting with others creating positive change in their lives.

    As a school counselor she has provided leadership to both Positive Behavior Supports Teams and Special Education Teams. She believes the best way to meet the needs of all students is by offering a comprehensive school counseling program that includes various levels of service: guidance lessons in the classroom, support groups, conflict resolution programs, individual counseling and system support.

    In the past several years Natalie has worked in many different capacities: parent, Therapeutic Foster Parent, Challenge Course Facilitator and Vice President and Secretary at ALLI, Inc.  She is currently completing her Internship as a Marriage and Family Therapist and hopes to start her own practice utilizing traditional therapy coupled with outdoor adventure including equines as partners.

      Jennifer Fontana

      Jennifer Fontana is practicing teacher in Middle School Dual Immersion and an Educational Consultant for ALLI inc. Mrs. Fontana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Masters in Education from University of Oregon with endorsements in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Literacy Instruction and Coaching. Mrs. Fontana has taught all levels of elementary and middle school dual language Spanish grades K-8 and has served as a Math Instructional Coach as well as Coordinator of a middle school dual language program. Mrs. Fontana has extensive experience providing professional development to individual teachers as well as entire staffs in the areas of Spanish Literacy Development, Strengthening Positive Classroom and School Cultures, Dual Language Program Development and Sheltered Instruction Strategies.

      Mrs. Fontana is dedicated to providing professional development to teachers and staffs that increase engagement and academic achievement for all students while providing teachers with effective teaching tools that can be implemented immediately into instruction.

        Terry Wardlow

        Teresa Wardlow holds a Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership for the University of Georgia. She also holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics Education from the Georgia Southern University and a BSBA degree from Western Carolina University. During her career in public education, Ms. Wardlow has taught high school mathematics, served as an instructional lead teacher, was an assistant and associate principal, was a secondary math professional development coordinator, and recently served as a district math coach and math instructor at a community college in her hometown. She has provided effective professional development at the school, district, and regional levels. Various areas of mathematical education, including problem solving, use of manipulatives, differentiation, collaboration, and curriculum mapping, formative assessment in Mathematics and the gradual release of responsibility in the Mathematics classroom, have been some of the professional development topics. She has presented at conferences for SREB High Schools That Work and at the American Association of School Administrators. Ms. Wardlow is also a certified trainer in Learning Focused Schools and was an evaluator for the Georgia Pay-­‐for-­‐Performance program. Ms. Wardlow has also been an educational consultant for CORE Learn and has worked with underperforming Turnaround and Transformation schools with Mathematics instruction, Leadership training and Effective instruction school wide. She has also worked with school staff members on using data to plan instruction that will serve the needs of students in a general classroom setting as well as RtI programs.

        Ms. Wardlow is dedicated to the improvement of mathematics education as it leads to better understanding of mathematics and its applications for students.

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