Project GLAD

Project GLAD Training

Project GLAD is an academic language and literacy model of professional development;  the training explicitly shows educators how to build academic language and literacy for each student, especially English learners through a variety of strategies based on research.


Project GLAD training is a 6- or 7-day training that consists of a Leadership Ensemble, a 2-Day Workshop and a 4- or 5-Day Classroom Demonstration. The training model requires two trainers.

Leadership Ensemble: This one-day workshop is designed for schools and Local Education Agencies to help develop a plan for training, implementation and sustainability of the Project GLAD model.

2-Day Workshop: The workshop provides an overview of theory and research supporting the Project GLAD model.  Teachers are trained in language acquisition, brain research, cross cultural respect, primary language, and reading and writing principles and their relevance and application to learning and the Project GLAD model. The 2-Day also presents an overview of practical classroom applications, strategies, and the organization and planning of GLAD units based on CCSS and state  standards.

5-Day Classroom Demonstration: During this week-long demonstration in a district classroom, one consultant teaches students using GLAD strategies throughout each morning while the other coaches the observing teachers in the back of the classroom. Afternoons are spent debriefing the strategies viewed during the demonstration, collaborating, and planning the implementation of the strategies in their own classrooms.

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