Helen Radow

Hi Erick-

I just want to let you know how amazing my year has started! So far, (I know it’s been only two days) the groups are working better than I ever could imagine! I have been using the G.L.A.D. strategies along with the strategies that I have used in previous years.

The summer training is exactly what I needed at this juncture of my teaching career! I was blaming the students for their misbehavior and little did I know that the strategies would work like a charm! It was me and not them! They have responded in a way that I have always dreamed of when working with students who face extreme challenges that I cannot solve in the classroom. The differentiation is working as well. I see the constructivism when the students are working either in partners or groups at all levels! It is amazing! My worries about adjusting the strategies to middle schools student have been eradicated!

I feel horrible that I got to the point where I felt like I needed to start looking for a different profession but now I got my passion back and it is the best feeling to witness the students respond in the best way developmentally. ​I also feel horrible about all of my years of teaching, I could have used these strategies and lessened my worry and pain that I felt by wondering what I can do to become a better teacher.

I can see how the G.L.A.D. will make me a better teacher because it has started through implementation. I am really happy and look forward to see how great this year will unfold! I know things won’t be perfect but it is a much better place than where I was at before the training.

Thank you so much for your advice, expertise, and support! I am now rejuvenated and becoming the teacher that I have always wanted to be!


Helen Radow

Scott School

P.S. I’m am still envious of you because you started your career teaching using G.L.A.D. strategies to HS students. 😉

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