Turnaround and Transformation School Services

Turnaround and Transformation

Our children only get one shot at getting an elementary, middle, or high school education.  We must do everything in our power to help them be successful.

“Because we know that about 12 percent of America’s schools produce 50 percent of America’s dropouts, we’re going to focus on helping states and school districts turn around their 5,000 lowest-performing schools in the next five years…” –President Obama

Turnaround and Transformation models aim to transform chronically low-performing schools.

In the Turnaround model, districts must implement a comprehensive approach to substantially improve student outcomes.

In the Transformation model, schools must take steps to increase teacher and school leader effectiveness and institute comprehensive instructional reforms, among other things.

Education Northwest has listed a comparison of School Improvement Grant models, including Closure, Restart, Turnaround, and Transformation.

ALLI’s associates help schools develop a comprehensive school improvement plan using research-based practices, and help improve student achievement.


Technical assistance for districts, schools and administrators – ALLI associates can help you identify areas of need, quick wins to share with your staff and build confidence, and ongoing challenges with potential solutions.

Instructional Coaching – we provide high-impact, research-based instructional changes that will boost student achievement.


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